Finna is an Old Norse term that means be found, be perceived, noticed. In an effort to truly become Friða, I have taken it upon myself to learn Old Norse, Icelandic and Runes.  Finna is my word of the day. In looking for a word that means “to feel,” I came across finna. My intention was to write…

Friða: Her Beginning

When my eldest son was aged about 10 years, we watched a movie at a theater. As the credits were rolling and we were gathering our belongings, he said, “Stories never have an end, Mom. They have beginnings, but never an end.” My heart swelled with such pride that day, and tears well up in…

The Icelandic Language

A very informative article by Catharine Cellier-Smart regarding Icelandic, Old Norse and Runes with links and references at the end. Catharine Cellier-Smart Source: The Icelandic Language

Why I’m going Viking – and why you should too

By Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen In his post, the author explains, “When the time is right, I will leave my home shores and go Viking.” Read it! It is quite motivational. Source: Why I’m going Viking – and why you should too

Adopting a Viking Mentality – is it for you?

By Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen In this blog post, I will try to explain how modern men and women can adopt a Viking mentality. It is not for everyone. But read on – it might be the perfect mindset for you. Source: Adopting a Viking Mentality – is it for you?

Do More Than Just Exist

Do more than just exist. Thrive! Abound! Flourish! I recently came across this photo of my maternal grandparents. They look so happy, having a great time with friends. I’m not sure when this was taken, but I’d say in the mid-1930s, simply because my mother was born in 1939. The thirties is not exactly known…