Becoming Stronger: Vinátta (Part 3)

As much as we all may be “big boys” and “big girls” perfectly capapble of doing things “all by myself!” there is still a need for the strength one can only find in vinátta, an Old Norse term for friendship.

In my quest and journey to become of Friða Káradóttir, new friendships are forging themselves. While there are still some things I must do on my own, I have found new strength to accomplish these tasks.

At first, I thought I would easily write 1,000 words on this. I felt it so strongly in my heart tonight, this new confidence. If only you could see the happy tears streaming down my face, you would understand no more words need be necessary, except to say:

Treasure your friends, for they are a great source of strength in more ways than you could ever possibly fathom.

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